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Wear Parts Of Coal Briquette Machine

Accessories Of Coal Briquette Machine

If you plan to invest in coal briquetting plant, then you must want to know about the wear parts of the coal briquette machines. And you must also want to know which of these parts can be repaired and which must be replaced.

The accessories of charcoal powder briquette machine include forming barrel, screw propeller, sleeve, straight sets, heating coil etc. Screw propeller is one of the most important accessories of this equipment, and it is also the parts with high technical difficulty.


How To Repair The Propeller Of Coal Briquette Machine?

Firstly, use a wear-resistant electrode to weld. Then, put the propeller of shisha charcoal making machine into plant ash for natural cooling. Remember that do not drop it in water for direct cooling, which will decrease the service life of the propeller. After cooling, use a grinder to grind the propeller to a certain angle. Then the repair is done.

To make good density briquettes, propeller must be ground to a suitable angle. Otherwise, there will be problem in charcoal briquetting machine production, such as briquetting difficulty, or briquettes quality problem.


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