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Here you can find several frequently asked questions and answers about our briquetting machine. If your question remains unanswered, please for free contact us by email, phone or contact form. We will reply you in 24 hours.

What is the biggest difference between Biomass briquette press and coal briquette press?

The raw materials of Biomass briquette machine requires all kinds of farm waste biomass materials, while the coal briquette machine needs all types of coal powder and other metallic powders


How to make fuel briquettes from biomass raw materials?

Sawdust, straw, weed, farmland waste, etc, is the main raw materials to produce biomass briquette, the key factors is that you need buy a top quality biomass briquette press / machine.


How to press coal or charcoal powder into charcoal briquettes?

Turning coal powder, charcoal dust, mineral powder, carbon powder into ball, tick, honeycomb shape? coal briquette press is the only one machine that can quickly realize your ideas.


How to process sawdust or wood raw materials into charcoal briquettes?

To make biomass raw materials into charcoal briquettes, generally needs 2 steps and 2 equipment. Firstly, using charcoal briquette machine to produce hollow biomass briquettes ( generally hexagon shape ). Secondly, using charcoal burner (carbonized oven) to carbonize the biomass briquettes into charcoal briquettes


Why do I need to briquetting?

Briquetting machine is the best way to change powder goods into briquette, with the biggest advantage is easy to transport and energy-saving.
The produced charcoal briquette is featured with high density, good flammability, it would be a wonderful alternative to traditional coal, firewood


What is the main purpose of briquette press machine?

Briquette press machine is mainly used for making BBQ charcoal, shisha charcoal, coal ball, briquette charcoal, and mine / metal briquettes.


Which materials are suitable for briquetting by briquette press?

√ Color and black metallic mine powder: Iron scale / sludge, precipitator dust, Iron concentrate, manganese ore fines, silicomanganese alloy powder, etc.
√ Coal powder: Coal fines, coke powder, slime, peat, middle coal, lignite etc.
√ Other material powder: Charcoal powder, fireproof material, Desulfurized gypsum, dolomite, etc.


What is the advantage of the charred briquette? The most differences compare with wood briquette?

The charred briquettes produced by BBQ charcoal briquette machine majorly used in barbecue, cooking, heating and so on, while the wool briquette just can be used in cooking and heating.


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