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7 Advantage Of Tiles Made By Floor Tile Machine

The Features Of Tiles Made By Terrazzo Tile Machine

Yuxi Machine has produced hundreds of different pattern moulds. By replacing the mold, the terrazzo tile machine can produce different sizes of terrazzo tiles, their thickness and weight can be adjusted by adjusting the quantitative cup. Besides, it has the features of dimension accurate, pressure, high strength, patterns varied and clear lines.

7 Advantage Of Tiles Made By Floor Tile Machine

1. After polishing, the tiles produced by floor tiles making machine is very smooth, reaching above 70, and the dustproof and prevent slippery can even achieve marble quality.
2. Hardness of concrete tiles surface of interlocking tiles making machine reaches 6-8 level, almost reaching the hardness of granite, and its wearability is good.
3. As for the design of floor tiles, their color are optional joining together, and all the colors can can be made up from the definition.
4. The terrazzo tiles will not craze, and do not be afraid that loaded vehicle grinds make cracks. And do not be afraid that the clog is not dilatory, contractive be out of shape.
5. The cement tiles produced by cement tiles making machine will not rise dirt, and have high clean degree, which can satisfy the dement of high-minded clean environment.
6. The floor tiles are not inflammable, and are able to bear or endure ageing. Besides, they are able to bear or endure flavour of blemish, anti-corrosive, without any pollution.
7. Colour and lustre of tiles of concrete tile making machine is gorgeous, bright and clean. If needed,raise brightness to hit common floor wax, which will not affect its antistatic function.


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