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Choose Ball Socket Of Briquette Machine For Different Materials

Ball Socket Of Briquettes Vary As Material Changes

Briquette machine is used to press powdery material into briquettes in order to increase their density and strength. And the finished products are often used for burning and smelting. For example coal briquettes, which have high strength so that they can’t break easily, can greatly improve their combustion. The strength of briquettes mainly depends on the amount and usage of binder, the nature of raw material and the size and depth of ball socket, varying along with changing of material.


How to Choose Ball Socket of Briquette Machine for Different Materials

● For wood charcoal making machine, you had better choose flat-square ball socket, which should also be small and shallow as no binder is allowed to be added into the material. If large and deep socket is used, the briquettes making machine will not have a high briquetting ratio.
● For coal briquette machine or iron powder briquette machine, you should try to choose large ball socket, and its shape should be spherical. Moreover, control the water content of material and the amount of binder. By this means, the briquetting ratio can be up to 95%.
● For shisha charcoal making machine, medium and small ball socket should be selected and its diameter should be 3-5 cm. The material contains a certain amount of water, so that it should be pressed in wet way.


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