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Methods For Descaling Coal Briquette Machine

Why To Know The Methods To Descale Coal Briquette Machine

Coal briquette machine is commonly used at present. For both manufacturers and users of coal briquetting plant, they need to learn the descaling methods so as to better maintain the machine, which can improve the production capacity and prolong the service life. Some methods to descale coal briquette machine are in the following.


Methods For Descaling Coal Briquette Machine

1. A method that can be used to descale any part of coal briquette making machine is called pneumatic derusting or electric derusting. That is to say, electricity or compressed air is used as power in descaling process, and descaling device conducts a reciprocating movement or rotational movement to accomplish the descaling work during this process. This descaling device belongs to semi-mechanized equipment with the advantages of light weight and great maneuverability.

2. Another method without damaging steel plate of coal briquette press machine is named high-pressure abrasive water descaling, which removes rust by using impact action of high-pressure water jet, grinding action of abrasive material and water pry action. Even though this method is effective, the steel plate gets rusty again easily. In conclusion, it should be coated with a special wet painting.

3. Acid pickling derusting is a method, which mainly uses chemical reaction of acid and metal oxide to remove rust.

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