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Moisture Of Raw Material For Coal Briquetting Plant

Pay Attention To Moisture Content Of Raw Material

When you are considering to build a coal bruquetting plant, one of the most important thing you should pay attention to is the moisture content of raw material. Because one of the briquetting condition is that moisture conctent for the raw material should be within the recommended level. If raw material goes beyond this range, you need to make sure the particles are properly dried in case they are damaged in coal briquette machine.


Raw Material & Final Products of Coal Briquetting Plant

The raw material of charcoal powder briquette machine can be wood chips, sawdust, sunflower seed husk, sugar cane bagasse, rice husk, peanut shell, tree trimmings, wood logs, etc. The size of raw material of charcoal briquetting machine should be less than 5*5mm, and the moisture content should be about 8%. And then they can be made into various shapes according to different requirements by using different rollers of shisha charcoal making machine.

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