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Briquette Machine Production Line

990 压球机


Briquette machine production line can be used to compact bulk coal materials such as coal slime, coal ash, etc. which are dried to a certain degree into coal briquette, coke briquette and various carbon products, smelting and using directly; It also can use the iron powder to briquet iron sponge and various mineral powder.
Widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, refractories, abrasives, fertilizers, ceramics and other industries.



● Environmental protection and energy saving, high-yield, high efficiency and low consumption;
● Finished briquette products have stable quality;
● Reliable performance, easy maintenance, less investment, significant economic benefits;
● Less labor, with significant decline in wage costs;
● The main equipment is with fast speed, easy to operate, large output;
● The production line can produce coal briquette, coke briquette and other special-shaped products, diameter within the range of Φ85-150mm.


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