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10 T/H Coal Briquette Machine Production Line

This 10 ton / hour Coal Briquette Machine Production Line is designed to produce the compressed coal block or mineral powder briquettes. The final briquettes can be used for various of industry uses, such as fuel, kindling, etc.


The capacity for the coal briquette machine production line ranges from 1 T/H to 30 T/H. YUXI can provide different briquetting solutions and plants according to your requirements.


10 T/H Coal/Mineral Briquette Line Flow Chat


10 T/H Coal Briquette Production Line Raw materials:

●Charcoal Powder
●Magnesia, Doloma Powder
●FireclayIron Powder and other Metal Powder


Coal Briquette Machine Introduction

Coal Briquette machine, also called roller briquetting press machine due to its high pressure features, is designed specifically for pressing & compacting the coal powder or granular material into a larger ball coal briquette. It has the advantages of strong pressing pressure, adjustable revolution and screw conveying device, which can save energy and protect the environment. Besides, its final products are convenient to be transported, in order to improve the utilization of the waste materials and have excellent economic and social benefits. The power consumption of this coal briquetting machine is low as well.

10 T/H Coal Briquette Production Line Working Procedure

1.Crushing — Crush the raw materials into small powder with size less than 3mm.
2.Dosing — There are two bins, one for holding coal powder and the other is used for holding dry binder. Weighing system is equipped on each of them to keep the percentage of the binder and raw material.
3.Mixing — Mix the raw materials with binders evenly, either dry binder or liquid type binder is OK.
4.Briquette making — Press or compact the well mixed raw materials into good quality and high density briquettes.
5.Briquette drying — Transport the briquettes to the vertical dryer or belt dryer to get dry briquettes, which can be packed directly.


10 T/H Coal Briquette Production Line Advantages

√ Professional technical team for reasonable design & suggestion
√ Powerful 24 hours technical supporting
√ Rollers with good anti-abrasive material can enlarge the service time
√ Ensure the produced coal briquettes to have a density & smooth appearance
√ Design the best solution for you depending on you specific situation and needs


Coal Briquette Plant Manufacturer

As a professional coal briquette plant manufacturer, YUXI will fully cooperate with your briquetting production program. Your application requirement of briquetting machine for making coal will be reviewed by our sales and technical teams together from on-location to test facility, ensuring that our best possible solution or complete system will meet your individual briquette making needs.

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