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2-40 T/H Complete Coal/ Charcoal Briquetting Production Line

A complete coal/ charcoal briquetting production line contains crusher, feeder, mixer, dryer, briquette machine and conveyor. The detailed description of the production line is shown below.


Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Production Line Working Process


Raw Material → Feeding → Mixing → Pressing → Drying → Briquettes


Complete Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Production Line Design


Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Production Line Raw Material

Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Production Line Raw Material
This briquetting production line is suitable for almost all kind of coal or charcoal materials, such as:
● Coal dust.
● Color and black metallic mine powder.
● Other powdery material.


Key Parts Of Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Production Line

The vertical Complex Crusher can be widely used in the medium cement plants to crush crude cement and chamotte. It is an ideal piece of crushing equipment for technical reconstruction or setting up a new cement production lines for a cement plant. Also it is suitable for crushing iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, slay, gangue, lump coal and other hard ore.


Automatic Proportion Feeder
The automatic proportion feeder is used together with a mixer, automatically perform feed proportioning procedure according to the proportion setup of customers. It can fit with one or two sets mixers, thus effectively improving the working efficiency. It is composed of feeding unit, proportioning unit, electronic control system, etc.


Double Paddle Mixer
This machine is used to mix the grinder charcoal dust(charcoal powder) with water and binder, etc. It can automatically discharge the mixed material without manual help.


This unit is mainly composed of a dryer, the centrifugal fan, and the hot-blast stove, used to dry the charcoal briquettes outlet from briquette machine. It uses hot air as the drying medium to contact material continuously, enabling moisture content in wet material to be gasified and evaporated, to achieve the purpose of drying. And it is suitable for drying of powdered charcoal product and other products similar to the powered charcoal product.


Belt Conveyor
This machine is used to convey powder material, grain material and small lumpy material that are easy to fish out. It can also used to the pack materials such as coal, gravel, cement, detritus, fertilizer, etc.


Final Charcoal / Coal Briquettes

Through this briquetting line, coal or charcoal materials can be pressed into various different shapes: round, square, ball, oval, etc.


Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Plant Manufacture

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