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Maintenance of Yuxi Sawdust Making Machine

Sawdust making machine is a kind of machinery professionally used for finely crushing wood, also known as “sawdust maker machine“. The sawdust has a wide application, and the new type saw dust making equipment makes full use of the principles of impact, shearing and rolling.

Maintenance of Yuxi Sawdust Making Machine

Keep the sawdust maker machine in good lubrication condition.The shaft bears the full load of the machine, so good lubrication of shaft has a great relationship with the bearing life. Lubrication directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good.
The newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.
Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.
Pay attention to check the wear degree of the wear-resistant parts, and replace the worn parts at any time.
On the bottom frame plane of the saw dust making equipment, dust and other objects should be removed, so asto prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters materials that cannot be broken, resulting in serious accidents.
Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, if the bearingtemperature rises, immediately stop to check the cause and solve it.
If there is an impact sound when the rotating gear is running, stop it immediately to check and solveit.
8. Set and produce according to the parameters of the model. Overload production is prohibited to avoid damage to the machine.
9. Before starting the sawdust making machine, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking the machine. First, check whether the screws and belts are loose, whether the rotation direction is correct, and whether there is a jam in the machine.

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