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3 Factors Affecting The Extruding Result Of Briquette Machine

Be Aware Of The Following Factors When Making Briquettes

A charcoal powder briquette machine is a highly functional machine that is used to make briquettes, and it is also used in various processes such as recycling. There are some appropriate biomass residues for briquetting of coal briquetting plant which meet the requirements for use as feedback for this process when all factors have been considered.
The moisture content, ash content and flow character of raw materials are the three main factors to affect the briquetting quality for coal briquette machine. In order to make high qualtiy briquettes, you should be aware of the following factors.


3 Factors Affecting the Quallity of Briquettes

1. Moisture
The amount of moisture should be as low as possible, commonly controlled between between 10%~15%. This is because high moisture content shows that the biomass has problems in grinding, besides, too much energy will be required for drying.

2. Ash Content and Structure
The ash content is usually very low in biomass residues except rice husk which has 20% ash content. But their ash content has a higher percentage of potash and alkaline minerals. These elements normally display one common characteristic of devolatilization during incineration and condensing on tubes of super heaters. They also bring down the sintering temperature of ash and cause ash deposition on the surface of the boiler of shisha charcoal making machine.

3. Flow Character
In this regard, the materials for making biomass briquettes by charcoal briquetting machine should be rough and consistent, so that it can easily run in bunkers and storage silos.


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