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Difference Between Ordinary And High Pressure Briquette Machine

Ordinary Briquette Machine And High Pressure Briquette Machine

When purchasing briquetting plant, many customers may be recommended high pressure coal briquette machine because of its high strength of briquettes. But they are still confused about the difference between ordinary and high pressure charcoal power briquette machine. Based on years of experience, Yuxi Machine will help to clear up your confusion.


Difference Between Ordinary Briquette Machine And High Pressure Briquette Machine

First of all, the main difference is the use of water and binder. Ordinary shisha charcoal making machine requires a certain proportion of water and binder to be mixed in the materials, and the finished briquettes should be dried out before putting into use. It can press some easy molding materials, like coal powder, coke and carbon, etc.
However, high pressure charcoal briquetting machine needs adding no water and binder, and also there is no need for drying. The finished briquettes can be directly put into use. This type of equipment is mainly used for pressing some hard molding materials, such as ore powder, magnesium powder and lime powder, etc.


Choose The Most Suitable Briquette Machine

According to the difference between the two types of coal briquetting plant, Yuxi Machine suggests you to choose one suitable for processing your raw material.

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