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How to Maintain Coal Briquette Machine

Maintenance For Coal Briquetting Plant Is Essential

For a long-term use, maintenance for coal briquetting plant is an essential part, which actually determines the length of its service life. As a professional manufacturer of charcoal powder briquette machine, Yuxi Machine has rich experience of 21 years. We keep paying attention to the research and development of briquette plant, and have improved the production technology greatly.


How to Maintain Coal Briquette Machine

Here we will discuss how to maintain coal briquette machine so as to prolong its service life.
1. Clean the dust on the equipment in time. When you disassemble the machine, you should also pay attention to dedusting.
2. Check for the wear and tear of triangle lines, bearings, feeding mouth and other parts of the charcoal briquetting machine, clean them up and then replace the lubricating grease of bearings.
3. Open the cover of reduction gear for checking the gear teeth.
4. Check the foundation base and its bolts, if they are loose, tighten them immediately.
5. If the oil pressure is greatly changed, inject oil timely.
6. If oil leak is detected during operation, the shisha charcoal making machine should stop working immediately and then repair it.


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