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In-depth Analysis of Briquette Machine Production Line

Briquette Machine Production Line Introduction

Briquette production line is that the charcoal briquetting machine converts agro forestry waste into solid briquettes by giving high pressure and temperature. Raw materials can be sugarcane biogases, cumin waste, cotton stalk, rice husk, groundnut shells, almonds shells, saw dust, etc. The products are also called white coal, because they do not produce the smoke while burning, they can not help resolve many environmental issues like global warming, green house gas emissions and CO2 emissions.


Limitations of Briquette Production Line Operation

Overheating: For briquetting, the temperature required to compress the fibrous material is over 300 degrees Celsius. Cooling is required to maintain the briquetting, sometimes you have to stop operation of coal briquette machine for cooling and lubricating.
Low Output: Standard 90 to 200 diameter briquettes are rated for outputs of 2t/h on granular biomass with bulk densities of 352 lb/m3. But processing ungrounded fibrous biomass can reduce the output to as low as 1.2t/h.


Limitations of Briquette Production Line Design and Construction

Outputs of shisha charcoal making machine are size-specific. The preferred briquette size is about 50 to 65 mm, and the output is only about 1.5 to 1.1 tons per hour. Because this is typically adequate for some manufacturers of developing countries.

Today, 90 mm diameter charcoal powder briquette machines with 15-cubic-meters per-hour displacement are being widely marketed. Preliminary testing of them indicates that they are under-designed in the areas of power, centering accuracy, oil contamination, die holder fixing and heating.

The range of cost of the coal briquetting plant depends on the capacity and size of the plant, the bigger the plant, the higher will be the cost. And it also depends on the manufacturer who supplies the plant. And most of the plant comes with a certain years of warranty and certain level of free maintenance.


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