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Influence Of Binder On The Production Of Coal Briquette Machine

Binder of Coal Briquette Machine Introduction

In the production process of coal briquette machine, it’s a common sense that a certain amount of binder will be added into raw materials to increase their mutual cohesion, in order to achieve the final goal of enhancing briquetting and using effect. First of all, we should know the influence of binder on briquette production of coal briquetting plant.


The Influence Of Binder On The Production Of Coal Briquette Machine

1. Binder can reduce the carbon content in the finished products, particularly for some inorganic binder like lime, cement and clay.


2. Binder will increase the production cost of coal briquettes, which is one of the most important points that the investments consider for the production line. In general, the price of binder is much higher than that of coal powder. Even though only a small amount of binder is required in the charcoal power briquette machine production line, it will also increase the cost, let alone some expensive binder.


3. Binder complicates the briquetting process of charcoal briquetting machine. The useers need to concern more things when using binder, such as the adding ratio and the way to mix it with coal powder.


No-Binder Briquetting Technique For Coal Briquette Machine

Currently, the use of binder is still a trend with a view to present briquetting technique of shisha charcoal making machine. Hovever, no-binder briquetting technique is also the direction of future development.


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