Focus On Charcoal Briquette Machine With 21 Year

Make Coal Briquette Machine With Highest Rate And Capacity

Briquetting Rate Is Necessary For The Coal Briquette Machine Working Efficiency

For coal briquette machine, briquetting rate is relative to the machine working efficiency and economical profit. But how to make the machine work with highest briquetting rate and capacity?


How To Make Coal Briquette Machine With Highest Balling Rate And Capacity?

1. Raw material granule size determines the working efficiency of coal briquetting plant and raw material granule strength greatly. Besides, reasonable raw material granule size can improve briquette machine working capacity and also can improve raw material granule strength according to customers’ requirements.

2. As for the charcoal powder briquetter machine, batching ratio is very important. If it’s too big, raw material granule size will change little, which decreases briquetting capacity and anti-pressure strength. Hoever, if it’s too small, raw material granule is difficult to achieve the requires.

3.The higher the feeding capacity of shisha charcoal making machine, the smaller the raw material granule size, and the lower the strength. Raw material moisture changes for briquetting effect at a certain range, and the higher of raw material moisture, the higher of briquetting efficiency; The most suitable moisture value is 7.5-8.5%.


Coal Briquette Machine Composition

The charcoal briquetting machine is mainly composed of the following three parts: feeding part, driving part, forming part.


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