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Notes For Roller Sheet When Purchasing Briquette Machine

The Roller Sheet Is One Of The Most Critical Parts For Briquette Machine

The roller sheet is one of the most critical parts for charcoal powder briquette machine, which determines the service life of the devide and is the most easily wear part. So that it is extremely important to check the roller sheet when purchasing shisha charcoal making machine. By this way, you will get a high quality machine and then reduce cost effectively.

Features Of Roller Sheet Of Briquette Machine

1. The texture of roller sheet
You’d better choose roller sheet of different texture to press different materials into briquettes. And the texture can be divided into 65Mn, 9Cr2Mo, high-chromium alloy. The former one is cast steel, widely used in small coal briquette machine to press materials such as coal powder with low cost. The latter two are forged and mainly used in medium and large briquette machine.


2. The compatibility of roller sheet
Whether the charcoal briquetting machine works well not only depends on the quality and texture of roller sheet, but in their compatibility, which means whether two roller sheets can fit each other completely. Otherwise, socket on roller sheet cannot match each other, so that the machine cannot press material into desired shape.


3. The thermal treatment of roller sheet
After roller sheet of coal briquetting plant is forged at high temperature, the key step is thermal treatment. Without this step, the service life of roller sheet will be greatly reduced. However, you need to prevent it from being heated partially leading to burst.


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