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Roller Rotating Speed Affetcs Output Of Briquette Machine

Briquette Machine Introduction

Coal briquetting plant is an ideal mechanical equipment that can be used for pressing powdery materials, for instance metal powder and mineral powder, into briquettes. By being made into briquettes by charcoal powder briquette machine, the wasted powder can be reused in various industries in order to increase their additional value.


Relationship Between Roller Rotating Speed and Output of Briquette Machine

When purchasing shisha charcoal making machine, one of the most important questions that the buyers concern is its output. Today Yuxi Machine will tell you relationship between roller rotating speed and output of this equipment.


Roller Rotating Speed Affetcs Output Of Briquette Machine

In order to achieve a satisfying briquetting effect, when rotating speed for rollers reaches its maximum, the output of coal briquette machine can reach maximum as well. Besides, the higher the roller speed, the larger the output. It means that rotating speed of roller is proportional to the output of charcoal briquetting machine. However, the nature of material is a limitation for roller speed, which actually does not have a direct relation. But if rollers rotate too fast, the materials will be pressed only for a short time, wich are very likely not to be shaped.


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