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The Impact Of Raw Material Particle Size On Briquette Machine

Particle Size Of Raw Material Effects The Briquette Machine Shaping Effect

Among various factors affecting the shaping effect of coal briquetting plant, the material itself may have more influence. For example, when pressing coal powder, we need take note of the moisture content of raw material and material-binder ratio. Besides, the particle size of raw material is another key point that affects the briquetting effect of coal briquette machine.


The Impact of Raw Material Particle Size on Briquette Machine

Here, Yuxi Machine emphasizes that the particle size of the raw material should be as small as possible, do you know the reason?
1. Raw material with large size is not easy to be shaped.
We clearly know that small-sized material is easier to gather together by observing from daily life than large-sized one. Perspective from physical point, small-sized material has little clearance between each other. But large particle size has much clearance. Hence, the material must be crushed and grinded before pressed by wood charcoal machine.
2. Large-sized material may cause damage to the charcoal briquetting machine.
Large-sized material may increase the wearing rate of roller skin when it is being pressed. Sometimes, hard impurities mixed in the material may even damage the roller skin.


Pay Attention on Particle Size Of Briquette Machine Raw Material

Overall, the particle size of raw material will directly influence the briquettes strength and quality. The loose and crumbly briquettes are obviously not the required products. In a word, when using shisha charcoal making machine, we should take different factors into consideration in order to produce high-quality products.

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