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The Rust Removal Of Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Machine Introduction

Briquetting machine, also used as mineral powder Briquette machine, can be used for make briquettes from a variety of powdery materials, like mineral powder, metal powder, and coal powder. And it has many advantages, including high briquetting ratio, low powder consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance.


Why Do Rust Removal Of Briquetting Machine

Usually, wood charcoal machine works outdoors and is aways exposed to the wind and rain for a long time. Thus it is easy to get rusty, which is a bothersome problem. Yux Machine will give some tips for rust removal.


How To Do Rust Removal Of Briquetting Machine

1. Use chemicals, acid and metal oxide, to create a chemical reaction in order to remove rust on the metal surface, which can only be used in workshop. Besides, this method can also be used to produce dense and stable oxide film on the metal surface to prevent rusting.

2. Plating or hot-dip coating method. This method helps to coat with a layer of metal on the charcoal power briquette machine surface, such as zinc, tin, chromium and nickel, preventing the machine contacting with air and water and getting rusty.

3. High-pressure water jetting method. Use impact force of high-pressure water jet to remove rust, with no-dust, no damage to the steel plate of shisha charcoal making machine and high quality.

4.Use anti-rust paint. The coal briquette machine should be coated with mineral oil, baked enamel paint or other paint.


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