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What Causes Mold Sticking Of Shisha Charcoal Making Machine?

What Causes Mold Sticking Of Shisha Charcoal Making Machine?

It is very common that many users of shisha charcaol making machine have encountered such a situation that their machines have a serious mold sticking problem, causing most of the finished products broken into two halves. However, do you know what causes the mold sticking problem of coal briquetting plant?


1. The Surface Of Roller Skin Is Not Smooth.

After fashioning, roller skin of the charcoal powder briquette machine will stand heat treatment, which can increase its hardness and wear resistance. Besides, its surface will form a thin oxide layer. The roller skin will become smooth only after using for a period of time, so that the sticking phenomenon will disappear.


2.The Material Is Not Distributed Evenly.

Commonly, the material is a mixture of wet and dry coal. And after mixing together, the coal briquette machine will press the material into briquettes. However, uneven mixing of the material or high moisture content can cause mold sticking.


3. The Briquette Shape Is Designed Unreasonably.

For charcoal briquetting machine, we recommend an oval shape, with the briquette length is about 45-55 mm and the thickness is half of briquette diameter. While the square or pillow shape has a larger surface area, which increases the friction coefficient with roller skin, making it more difficult to demold.


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